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Policies & Terms


  • Please arrive with clean, dry hair (shampooed within 24 hours of your scheduled service). 

  • There should not be any visible/noticeable build up of natural hair oil or sweat in the hair at the time of arrival. 

  • If hair is excessively tangly, hair should be combed out prior to arrival. 

  • This ensures best possible application and processing of color/services.



Consultations are required for first time clients. These consults are held virtually, or when applicable, via text, and are complimentary. These consultations ensure services are scheduled properly. 


Precise timing of services can never be guaranteed, especially for highlight and corrective services. Any additional time spent on the service is necessary to achieve the best possible results. Please be sure not to have any time-sensitive appointments/plans scheduled for immediately after your anticipated service completion time, as color/highlight services often take much longer than estimated, and the time of completion can never be guaranteed.



For first time appointments, a credit card on file may be required, and in the event of a cancellation without the required 48-hour notice or a no-show, a non-refundable fee of 50% of the total service cost of the appointment scheduled will be charged.


At any time, if a specialty appointment (anything that reserves a large block of time or an entire shift) is scheduled, a non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the large time block. At the completion of the service, the deposit will be applied to the total service cost. 


A minimum of 48 hours’ notice prior to your scheduled appointment is required to cancel or reschedule your service. This will allow other clients waiting for an opening sufficient notice to take your cancelled appointment. If a client cancels/reschedules without the sufficient 48-hour notice, they will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the total cost of the scheduled service total.


Should a client habitually cancel/reschedule appointments (whether with or without the sufficient 48-hours’ notice), they may be required to put down a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total service cost for the scheduled service prior to scheduling another service. This deposit will be non-refundable for any reason; however it will be applied to the total service cost at the completion of the service the day of the scheduled appointment.



Should a client cancel two or more consecutive scheduled appointments, or habitually cancel/reschedule pre-booked appointments (whether with or without the 48-hours’ notice) without rescheduling and arriving for/fulfilling a new one within one month of the original cancelled appointment(s), any future appointments they may have pre-booked (scheduled in advance) that are blocking off time may be cancelled by Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC. Whenever that client is ready to reschedule, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total anticipated service cost may be required prior to scheduling another appointment.



Although every effort will be made to avoid this decision and accommodate the client’s appointment  despite a late start time, when it is necessary, Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC may cancel/reschedule or modify your appointment when you arrive late. While we understand that sometimes things happen, it is important to know that all the time scheduled for your service(s) is needed to provide the best possible result. If you arrive late for your appointments, not only does it take away from the time the hairstylist has to perform your service, but it also causes the hairstylist to run behind for their next scheduled client when they arrive on time for their appointment. Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC wants to do their very best work for all of their clients, and for that reason it is important for you to arrive on time for your service(s). 


The longevity of toner/glaze in the hair cannot be guaranteed and it is inevitable that your toner/glaze will fade once you leave the salon. The life of the toner/glaze is greatly affected by (but not limited to) how often you are shampooing your hair, what type of shampoo you are using, how often your hair is being exposed to the elements (like the sun), and the individual person’s hair condition. Everyone’s hair responds differently to holding on to the toner in the hair. In many cases, it becomes evident that the toner has faded significantly within 2 weeks, this is very common. Your stylist at Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC will make every effort they can to ensure that the toner lasts as long as possible, however, once you leave the salon after your appointment, the longevity of your toner is out of the stylist’s control and will not be considered a re-adjustment should it fade within the 14 day re-adjustment period-as fading of the toner is a common and normal occurrence that cannot be controlled by the stylist.



Your hairstylist at Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC is committed to providing optimal results for your hair, and genuinely wants you to be happy with the result. For that reason, a 14-day re-adjustment period is allotted, in the event that for some reason you are unhappy with your hair. This re-adjustment period ends precisely 14 days after the date of your appointment, and any necessary re-adjustments must be scheduled and performed within this 14-day period.

*Please note, that fading of the toner or a change of heart and wanting something different than what was discussed and agreed upon during your initial appointment will not be considered for a complimentary re-adjustment.

*The client may request for a strand test or patch test prior to the date of their service. These test(s) must be requested and performed at least 1 week prior to the date of the scheduled appointment, or at the time of booking the appointment, if it is scheduled less than a week from the date booked. 


As with any kind of chemical processing, there is always a potential risk for various chemical and/or allergic reactions, regardless of patch/strand test results. 

Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC/stylist cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects/allergic or chemical reactions.



*No refunds will be given for any services provided

Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC reserves the right to cancel/reschedule appointments when applicable.

Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC reserves the right to decline service if necessary/applicable for the stylist.


If you catch a cold/flu or anything that could be passed on/communicable to the stylist and/or other clients within the salon (this is not limited to just COVID, it applies to ANY kind of cold/flu that is communicable within the salon), please contact your stylist at Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC prior to arriving to your appointment to reschedule your appointment for when you are no longer sick/contagious. Regardless of whether you plan to wear a facemask.

If someone arrives sick for their appointment, it will be necessary for Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC to cancel that appointment and reschedule it for a later time. We understand that your time is valuable, so to avoid this, please be sure to contact Stephanie/your stylist prior to your appointment if you are under the weather, so it can be rescheduled to a later time. We will do all that we can to accommodate fitting you in at a later date for your appointment.


If you have a fever, or any other cold/flu like symptoms at all, or anything contagious in nature, regardless of whether they are related to COVID-19 or not (see the CDC guidelines to determine what the symptoms may be) or have been around or exposed to anyone who was experiencing any of the characteristics listed above within 14 days of your appointment, your appointment must be rescheduled.

If you, or anyone you have been around within 14 days of your appointment have a pending COVID-19 test, or have tested positive for COVID-19, your appointment must be rescheduled.

  • In the event that you arrive for your appointment, and your stylist deems you have any symptoms of concern not specified prior to arrival, your appointment will need to be cancelled, *even if the stylist doesn’t discover any of the concern/symptoms until after they have already began your service. For this reason, it is crucial and your responsibility to contact your stylist/Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC to inform them/her prior to your entry/arrival if there may be any cause for concern at all, even if you believe a symptom is not relevant/related to COVID-19 and even if you plan to wear a facemask.

  • In the event that anyone arrives to their appointment with any symptoms listed above, without informing their stylist/Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC PRIOR to arrival for their appointment, and the symptoms aren’t discovered until after their service has begun:

  • Regardless of what stage of their service, the appointment will be terminated immediately, they will be required to wear a facemask (either their own or a disposable one provided to them) and their hair will be rinsed, they will be charged for the full amount of their service, and they will have to leave with wet hair.

  • The client will then be completely responsible for any less-than desirable results of their hair as a result of the service not being completed because they did not disclose that they are (or may be) sick PRIOR to arrival for their service.

  • Should the client refuse to wear a facemask and/or refuse to allow their stylist to rinse any chemicals from their hair before they leave the salon, they are completely responsible for ANY adverse effects resulting from not allowing their stylist to rinse their hair.

  • This can very easily be avoided by simply notifying your stylist/Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC PRIOR to your arrival if you are or may be symptomatic of anything contagious or that could be passed on to anyone else within the salon, and allow your stylist the ability to reschedule your appointment prior to your arrival for when you are no longer symptomatic.

As always, everyone’s understanding and consideration on this matter is greatly appreciated! This helps to ensure that any staff at Expressions Hair by Stephanie LLC continue to be present and well to take care of all of you and your hair.

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